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About Us

Probasco Design is a product design and development firm specializing in transforming clients' ideas from concept to production-ready designs suitable for the manufacturing process. Employing a unique merging of industrial and mechanical design, we provide our clients with a superior service and thus a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Industrial design is the art and science of transforming ideas into products that satisfy human needs. Following the initial conceptualization, Probasco Design's mechanical design expertise brings efficiency to the next step in the process - that of ensuring the manufacturability of your product. Probasco Design's methodology results in a quicker delivery that lowers costs and enables you to meet deadlines while staying within your budget. In short, our design process offers you an edge over your competition. Please examine a few of our completed client projects to see our capabilities at work.

Our Process

Our Services

Merging industrial design with mechanical design

Probasco Design’s projects demonstrate a knack for creative conceptual expression complimented by an acute awareness of mechanical standards required for production. We carry the idea from conceptual state, through modeling and into production to ensure that no compromises are made in your product’s aesthetics and functionality along the winding path of project development. Our firm will not leave you stranded with an exceptional idea drawing which is not executable in manufacturing. Probasco Design create more than just a pretty picture - design with manufacturing in mind is an integral part of our process.

Revitalizing existing product lines

Probasco Design also excels in helping clients improve their existing product lines. Even proven products can become tired in functionality, packaging and presentation, yet how to refresh them is not always obvious. Having a certain set of constraints to work around sometimes presents a more challenging task than brainstorming on a clean sheet of paper. Our industrial and mechanical designers can perform miracles with products’ ergonomics, part counts or materials - anything to improve a product’s characteristics and marketing potential.

When necessary to the project, Probasco Design goes into the marketplace, listens to customers and clients and gathers needed data to ensure any contemplated improvements are aligned with user needs.

Paying attention to bottom lines and deadlines

Clients confirm that the unique processes employed by Probasco Design save both time and money. Projects completed with production in mind reduce frustration and costly redesign in the manufacturing process. Frequent interaction through the course of the work ensures alignment with the client’s vision. Probasco Design’s cost-effective and client-focused style result in quality work completed on time and within budget.

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