X100 Pocketscope

  • Category: consumer
  • Project Services: indudtrial design, mechanical design, temporary tooling, 3D computer imaging, Pro-Engineer database, engineering and marketing prototyping, design form manufacturing services

Design a rugged thermal imaging camera for police, firefighter, coast guard, surveillance, and military personnel that would be small, lightweight, easy-to-use, and that could be carried “on body” into blazing buildings, on covert operations, and through dense fog or thickly wooded areas. At half the cost of its nearest competitor, the X100 offers the affordability and ease of use needed to penetrate new markets such as industrial site management, property maintenance, forestry and park operations, and biological field research.

Probasco Design provided industrial design, mechanical engineering, prototypes, temporary tooling, and design form manufacturing services. Probasco Design was responsible for eight patents being filed on this program.

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