industrial design portfolio

Zero Sightline™ (ZSL) Camera

Zero Sight product design

ZSL works great at nighttime and in difficult lighting conditions

Camera in its working environment

SolidWorks model of the camera

Final concept for positioning LEDs

Preliminary concept sketches




Design a new Zero Sightline (ZSL) high definition camera, which is to be mounted in front of the rearview mirror in order to ensure there is zero obstruction of the officer’s line of sight. The all digital ZSL camera utilizes a cast zinc camera body with a unique form factor that is about the size of a credit card. The technology used by WatchGuard video in this camera allowed us to eliminate any buttons, as there is no need for officer’s input – the camera’s operation is fully automated and integrated with other elements of the 4RE HD In Car Video System.

January 7, 2014. Click on the link to read the article:
WatchGuard Video wins $20 million Canadian Award