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Land Imaging System & Battery Assembly


Upper part of the system is Field Station Unit (FSU)

FSU (upper part of the system)

Battery Assembly (lower part of the system)

Top view of the system

Pro-Engineer database

One of the concept sketches for the project




Design and develop a rugged container for the world’s first cableless system for full-wave seismic data acquisition. Both parts of the system, the FSU which contains wireless connection, and the Di-LiIon Battery Assembly, are made from the material which permits a wide temperature operating range. The battery assemblies were also designed in such a way that, with the addition of a set of simple latch sub-assemblies, the FSU2 and Battery Assemblies can be stacked and secured to each other, in the field. The system is designed for operation in very harsh environments, and is currently deployed around the world for oil exploration.