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Air Knight - Air Purification System


LED indicates when the IPG Core module needs to be replaced.

Disposable IPG Core module connected to power module.

SolidWorks rendering of color studies

SolidWorks rendering of a cut-away view showing mechanical layout of the product

View of the mechanical design in Pro-Engineer

Several early concept sketches for IPG Core module




Design a new generation of in-duct active air purification system, which is easily mounted into HVAC system air ducts. The Air Knight IPG features a previously used power module that includes an LED indicator and introduces a disposable IPG core module. We delivered a design solution for the housing that is aesthetically more pleasing and appealing to the end users, and has numerous usability advantages over the previous generation. We incorporated ionized particle gathering system into the disposable module, and designed the product to be easily and efficiently attached to the mounting plate of the power module. Moreover, the new Air Knight IPG can be mounted directionally, depending on the airflow in the air duct.