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Irrigation & Insufflation Control Units


Stacked: Insufflation Unit (top) & Irrigation Unit (bottom)

Irrigation Unit

Close up of graphics

Computer rendering done in Alias

SolidWorks models of both unit

Concept sketch selected for the design




Deliver a stylish and functional design solution for the Irrigation/Suction Control Unit in conjunction with the Insufflation Control Unit. The purpose of the Irrigation Control Unit is to warm/maintain the temperature of the water bottle and to regulate its own temperature at ~ 105F. It will also pump water through sterile tubing at a speed controlled by the rotary knob. Insufflation unit controls the flow and temperature of CO2 through tube set to air/water port of a GI endoscope. Objective of the project was to minimize the size of the system while achieving affordable manufacturing costs, and revitalizing company’s product image on the market.