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Probasco Design is a product design and development firm specializing in transforming clients' ideas from concept to production-ready designs suitable for the manufacturing process. Employing a unique merging of industrial and mechanical design, we provide our clients with a superior service and thus a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Industrial design is the art and science of transforming ideas into products that satisfy human needs. Following the initial conceptualization, Probasco Design's mechanical design expertise brings efficiency to the next step in the process - that of ensuring the manufacturability of your product. Probasco Design's methodology results in a quicker delivery that lowers costs and enables you to meet deadlines while staying within your budget.

In short, our design process offers you an edge over your competition. Please examine a few of our completed client projects to see our capabilities at work.

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Probasco Design is working with UT Dallas on developing a device for measuring the level of brain trauma, which will be particularly useful in sports applications. The UTD’s School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences has already received state funding, as a part of the Texas Institute for Brain Injury and Repair, to further this work. Dr. Rennaker of UTD has created the accelerometer, which will measure brain before and after a big hit to better detect concussions, and hopefully prevent brain injuries on the field.

Media is paying a close attention to this new invention, and you can read more about this subject, following the links below:

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